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Word on Fire Catholic Ministries is a nonprofit global media apostolate that supports the work of Bishop Robert Barron and reaches millions of people to draw them into—or back to—the Catholic faith.

Job Details

Job Title: Fellow of Parish Life  

Reports to: Director of the Word on Fire Institute

Role: The Fellow of Parish Life facilitates and promotes the Word on Fire ethos of life and spirituality through the management and facilitation of Word on Fire Institute programs for Catholic parishes.

The Fellow will provide the necessary administrative, theological, and leadership expertise to assist in developing and implementing a parish module within the vision of the Word on Fire Institute.

This role is expected to be knowledgeable of the cultural and demographics shifts of parishes, innovative in the ways we reach and form parish infrastructures, and inventive in the Institute’s distribution of the resources.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

• Assisting in propagating the Eight Core Principles of the Word on Fire Spirituality through the Word on Fire Institute and all of the associated catechetical and spiritual offerings

• Obtaining a mastery of the content and vision of all of Bishop Barron’s content

• Creating innovative ways in which the distribution of content to parishes can use the Institute’s platform in an affordable and far-reaching capacity to catechize and evangelize

• Helping the Word on Fire Institute become a leader in parish formation and evangelization

• Understanding the demographic shift on parishes today and create a pioneering infrastructure to meet the needs of such a shift

• Building and coordinating a curriculum using the current resources provided by the Word on Fire Institute

• Coordinating, managing, and facilitating the growth and maintenance of a parish module within the WOFI platform in order to build parish culture and evangelical leadership teams around the country

• Providing the necessary resources, opportunities, and in-person leadership to build successful discipleship in the vision of Bishop Barron through regular online “masterclasses”

• Meeting regularly with each parish team to make sure that the principles of the program are being implemented correctly and to understand how the process is helping the parish

• Overseeing the digital group membership process of parish leadership within the WOFI platform

• Creating extensive management process to oversee, monitor, and measure the participation of leaders and members of the parishes and provide the Director of the Institute with monthly reports of progress  

• Overseeing and planning the creation of parish specific content, i.e. WOFI courses filmed in Los Angeles, content filmed in the WOFI studio in Dallas, and written content for the WOF blog

• Working closely with the Fellow of Word on Fire Communities to help garner healthy relationships between parishes and our Communities

• Scheduling and facilitating in-person events for parish leadership

Qualifications and Experience:

           • Master’s Degree in Theology, Philosophy, or Spirituality

           • Experience in both leadership and management

           • Experience working at a Catholic Parish

           • Strong communication and listening skills, flexibility, and problem-solving

           • An understanding of the work of Bishop Robert Barron

This position is located in the Dallas, TX office. Pay commensurate with experience and education. 

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Irving, Texas
United States